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We listen, learn and focus on issues that get little attention. Our on ground envisions and execute change
at speed and scale.

Our Approach

Identifying where we can make a difference.

At GANA, we are abreast with the latest schemes propagated for social welfare. Our subject expertise enables us to recognize vital areas that need maximum attention.
We practice responsible policy engagement and don’t shy away from taking ambitious projects to transform people’s lives. Our primary agenda is to get involved in areas where effort – impact have a short timeline and results are more tangible and real.

Government is our strongest ally.

We are independent and politically neutral. We engage with policy actors and decision makers; support the incumbent government’s efforts in bringing a positive change to the society. Our government is forever working to reduce the burden in low income sections of the society and we believe that on ground support from NGOs plays an important role in realising that goal.

Robust Implementation

A project always has three key parameters – the goal, timeline and budget. We are very shrewd when it comes to utilising public resources and delivering the aspired result within the time frame. The key to our strength is the ability to mobilize our network across the country and to be able to work alongside locals in diverse regions. We create unique solutions to local challenges maximise our impact and interface with the local governments and communities.

Guiding Principles


Degree of Impact

A GANA program must drive dramatic improvement over current health outcomes.


Scale of Impact

A GANA program must transform the approach to solving a problem at a large regional, national, or global scale.

Core Competencies


Breadth of Impact

GANA must change the way others approach a problem so that today’s transformation becomes tomorrow’s common wisdom.


Sustainability of Impact

Any change that GANA enacts must be sustainable after we are gone.

We’re Powered by

For more than 15 years. GANA has been a trusted partner to government leaders, social investors and concerned bureaucrats. Grassroots groups, and businesses of every size and type. We specialize in matching each partner’s expertise with our unique strengths to develop, deploy, and scale up innovations that remove roadblocks to social welfare.