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Accelerating the path to living incomes

Employable Skills. Nutritious food. Shelter. Clean water. A decent education. Access to health care. And a safe and secure environment.

Work Areas

Economic Growth

Ending poverty begins with cultivating a secure source of income for farmers. We work on projects related to agriculture that deliver living incomes and contributes to their livelihood.


Environmental Sustainability

Growing industrial activity does irreparable damage to the environment. We protect the long-term productivity and health of natural resources to meet future economic and social needs.


Food Security  and Nutrition

As India’s population has boomed, demand for food has put immense pressure on the land. We ensure that vital nutrients to people who need them most; especially in areas of high malnutrition.

Skill Training

Young India needs to be employed and Skill development is one of the crucial aspects of job formation. Improving employability will reap demographic dividends and GANA is most focused in this area of work.

Rural Development

With 60% of India’s workforce residing in rural areas, its upliftment is of prime importance to country’s growth. We partake in schemes that create economic and infrastructural substance in far reaching corners of India.

Tribal Welfare

Rehabilitation of our indigenous population has been a focus area of our government. Our goal is to supplement those efforts leading to social and economic ‘Tribal Transition’ in India.

We have extensively worked in the following states.